Sunday, 5 February 2012



Low scores hit captaincy craze!!!

When a man is going down the hill, everyone will give him a push. Such is the present scenario of under-fire Indian skipper MS Dhoni. Though Dhoni offers to quit test captaincy depending on BCCI's recommendations for a better replacement,it is quite certain that India is going to lose a potential captain. Looking back at the road of recent successes of our Indian team, shows Dhoni being crowned as the captain of the Indian team for his potentiality. He even proved it by bringing in Two wold cups. However things are quite different now.
                       Dhoni has lost seven straight test matches abroad as captain, while as a batsman he has struggled  to score on foreign pitches.
                       When Dhoni was on the top point of his career bringing cups and fame, people got time to rejoice in his victory. But now that he is going down the hill, everyone had started giving him  push. BCCI suspends Dhoni in the final tests for team India's slow over-rate in the perth match.Bloated with earlier success, cricket regulators expect their goose to lay golden eggs every time- but feed it no grain! Topics come up as how fast you can run at your age, your turning speed etc where you fail to score runs and ask for a better replacement. However replacing a captain does not ensure good scores and winning craze which is miraculously proved by holding his ground and struck 48 off 43 balls with a boundary and three sixes.
                       This shows clearly that its after all team-work and potentiality that matters most to become a captain.
                       Australia's win should not be taken as an embarrassment,rather it must be a lesson where it shows, that retired seniors even come back to the field to back their team when down, as in the case of Brett Lee who has long retired from test cricket.
                        "Test cricket is real cricket ",as quoted by Dhoni himself shows his ability to understand cricket much better. These test crickets are thus much essential for him to learn and gather more experience instead of backing down which would help in the long run.
                       As far as speaking of the audience and the cricket regulators, it should be their duty to stand beside the battered team and together bring forth the superiority of the Indian team instead of being devoured by the corrupted system of economy.

 After all its cricket, not budget!! 


  1. For sure let the rubber rally the road and people should support Dhoni in his bid to regain lost glory and stop shouting from the rooftops. There is a time to and a time to loose. I am not a cricket fan but a football craze, which has trained me to shout for glory and to cry in distress for the last ten years as a supporter of Chelsea. Great blog Sharmistha!

  2. You have gift of strong vocab dear. Keep it up