Sunday, 5 February 2012



Low scores hit captaincy craze!!!

When a man is going down the hill, everyone will give him a push. Such is the present scenario of under-fire Indian skipper MS Dhoni. Though Dhoni offers to quit test captaincy depending on BCCI's recommendations for a better replacement,it is quite certain that India is going to lose a potential captain. Looking back at the road of recent successes of our Indian team, shows Dhoni being crowned as the captain of the Indian team for his potentiality. He even proved it by bringing in Two wold cups. However things are quite different now.
                       Dhoni has lost seven straight test matches abroad as captain, while as a batsman he has struggled  to score on foreign pitches.
                       When Dhoni was on the top point of his career bringing cups and fame, people got time to rejoice in his victory. But now that he is going down the hill, everyone had started giving him  push. BCCI suspends Dhoni in the final tests for team India's slow over-rate in the perth match.Bloated with earlier success, cricket regulators expect their goose to lay golden eggs every time- but feed it no grain! Topics come up as how fast you can run at your age, your turning speed etc where you fail to score runs and ask for a better replacement. However replacing a captain does not ensure good scores and winning craze which is miraculously proved by holding his ground and struck 48 off 43 balls with a boundary and three sixes.
                       This shows clearly that its after all team-work and potentiality that matters most to become a captain.
                       Australia's win should not be taken as an embarrassment,rather it must be a lesson where it shows, that retired seniors even come back to the field to back their team when down, as in the case of Brett Lee who has long retired from test cricket.
                        "Test cricket is real cricket ",as quoted by Dhoni himself shows his ability to understand cricket much better. These test crickets are thus much essential for him to learn and gather more experience instead of backing down which would help in the long run.
                       As far as speaking of the audience and the cricket regulators, it should be their duty to stand beside the battered team and together bring forth the superiority of the Indian team instead of being devoured by the corrupted system of economy.

 After all its cricket, not budget!! 

Friday, 3 February 2012



 Mitigating Negligencies among officials can save lives

No co-operation from an ambulance driver led to this child's death
Crib deaths haunting in the Malda district Hospital, with 11 infants allegedly losing their lives in around 36 hrs has underlined the truth of the familiar cliche "an empty bag will never stand upright." The deteriorating infrastructure of public hospitals, even if it carries a status of a Medical Collage Hospital proves the above writen cliche that having a name can never help the system stand upright. It also points a finger towards the health ministry of the state and the vulnarability of infants. Combining the previous deaths of infants with the present deaths in the same hospital and in the same month, shows the negligence of the health ministry. It has failed to stop the present deaths, though inevitably aware of the previous ones.
           This negligency has to be stopped.The ministry should utilise its powers for the welfare of its people and not their own interests. Health officials should always be kept on check about their works an duties.this would help the patients get the opportunity to be treated on time. proper co-operation 'mantras' should be induced among the 'highly stressed' doctors and nurses as that will help provide a mental support to the agrieved families and make them stay cool.
An aggrieved mother with her child still alive
           The establishment of Sick Newborn Care Unit(SNCU) had been of great impotance for emergency cases in infants. However, the lack of diligence among the officials are tending to mask the importance of the unit. This should be checked.
          More and more development of the infrastructure like- inclusion of more beds, upsurge in the number of well-trained doctors and the articulate use of  technical resources should be induced. This will help the patients get treatment in the proper time without travelling from one place to another losing their lives in the middle of the way.
         The hospitals should be visited from time to time by the task force of the health ministry. This would help the ministers to stay well informed about the state of the hospitals in case they are not. It will also keep the hospital authorities aware  of the conditions of the hospital as well as it will give them an opportunity to file their problems or lack of particulars to the task force. This would benefit the patients as well as the health offiicials on duty because this would lead to quick treatment of patients and thus save lives.
         The families should also be kept aware now and then of how to mitigate diseases by conducting differnt awareness programs. The hospital authorities also must co-operate with the families of the sick to reach the right treatment cell in the right time to save the lives of our very young.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

What is Important in life??

                                  WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE??                                     

I got an sms on 28th Jan from my ex-boyfriend, telling he will die because of me! Want to know why? It is because I kicked him out of my life for trying to get a grip on my freedom. He of course denies it now from time to time by replacing his previous actions with " you do whatever you like, but also give me some importance." 

IMPORTANCE-   A serious step to fall back on. It was just the day before, I decided to throw him off when he said,"I am the only one who can be of much importance to you other than anything else in the world." Guess what the incident had been for this type of statement?? 
It was because I was busy on a call of my friend who was being admitted in the hospital due to an accident. So, because I couldn't attend to his call for 'once' in the whole 24 hrs which included 24 calls,'all attended'-and listened to all his gibberish- he got pissed!

It is just beyond my understanding, that how can a guy want importance when he doesn't know actually what is important in life??This had not been the first time since I went into a relationship with him.

Earlier, he even tried to figure out things, of what I should do to bring out a good career for myself. As per his notions, page3 journalism is not at all apt for me. He insists on me that I better go for a teaching spree in my life because that is the most 'safest' job for 'women'.
I believe skill is the most important parameter for the 'safety' a job. Then how can I go for being a teacher when I am without any teaching skills?

But to my utter shock, his beliefs turned out to be quite'different'."In office job, girls have to use their 'body particles' in order to come into a position, which does not happen in school or collage jobs!!!,he says. 
 What an appreciating idea for a 21st century guy!! 
So much importance to his girl's 'body particles'!!And now that he is shoved out, he says he is going to 'die' because of 'me'!.................. Phew........!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012



   "India has always been a poor country!!"    A foreign couple standing beside a beggar was heard stating thus.The shivering beggar's eye glimmered with hope of getting a hansom buck from the couple. How ever, she was unexpectedly being wrapped up in an expensive shawl that the foreign woman wore on herself- and they left! 
             Passers-by stood staring at the beggar!-sorry-the shawl! Some one came and touched the shawl to detect its quality to the beggar's hopeful eyes of getting a buck! "Wow! They gave away a shawl? They are so rich!", comments passed. No one took notice of the homeless, starving, disabled pauper looked down upon by the society.They went on with their own business the rest of the day....
The poverty stricken face which failed to attract human sympathy
               His poverty stricken face never attracted the human sympathy ever, rather the shawl draped around him by the generous 'NOT INDIAN' couple gathered attention. The generous couple were praised to their shame, though that was beyond their realization. It never dawned on anyone that the mendicant was residing in 'their' country, under 'their' vision, wanting a little bit of help from 'them' so that he can also be called a fellow same as 'them', instead he is being looked down upon as an outcast under 'their' mercy! It never appeared to anyone that we are all humans and that the pauper has a body to survive as a human being. 

'Indians! Is this what you feel for your fellow citizens??'